We welcome all skill level – from beginners & first-timers to experienced & professionals – to Musketeers Fencing Club

If you are interested, please contact or visit us


UPDATE: **SCHEDULE UPDATES STARTING SEPTEMBER 11th 2021** (Details are updated below)

  • We are open for sessions. There are changes from our usual time and room location pre-pandemic
  • Time: Mondays = 5:30-7:30PM; Saturdays = 10:30AM-12:00PM
  • Room: Mondays = Lower Level Gym 2/3 (back gym); Saturdays = Ground Level Fitness Studio
  • For Saturdays, please enter and exit by the side doors located on the map below.
  • For Mondays, we can only enter as a group. We are scheduling possible time slots to meet so that you can be escorted by an admin or a coach to enter. They are 5:30PM, 5:45PM & 6:00PM. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER BY YOURSELF OUTSIDE THESE TIMES. On the map, you will see an area to meet as a group. If you are coming later or late, we will discuss separately to accomodate

Registration Form

If you are interested in joining MFS, please first contact us about your interest for more information. We will email the registration form afterward.