We welcome all skill level – from beginners & first-timers to experienced & professionals – to Musketeers Fencing Club

If you are interested, please contact or visit us


UPDATE: We will be cancelling Saturday January 23rd session. We will not be having adults attend due to Provincial Health Order. Youths under the age of 21 are allowed to attend

  • We are open for sessions. There are changes from our usual time and room location.
  • Time: Mondays = 5:30-7:30PM; Saturdays = 12:30-2:00PM
  • Room: Banquet Hall on the third floor
  • Please bring your own towel, water, masks and hand sanitizer. Washrooms are available but there will no water fountains. We ask that when you go to the washrooms, please wear your mask at all times.
  • Entrance & Exit: Please look at the map below on how to enter. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER FROM THE MAIN ENTRANCE @ BONSOR

Registration Form

If you are interested in joining MFS, please first contact us about your interest for more information. We will email the registration form afterward.